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                         WRITE TO RIDE PROGRAM

The goal of the "Write to Ride" program is to encourage awareness and communication between ABATE members and government legislators at the state and federal levels.


Establish initial communication with the legislator. (State or Federal) The communication does not need to be motorcycle issues specific, but can be related to any issue of legislative concern.

Forward a copy of the reply correspondence to the Write to Ride Manager  along with the ABATE member's name, and chapter name. (Although written communication is preferable, verbal interaction may, at the discretion of the program coordinator, be used to earn a Write to Ride patch or rocker if reasonable verification of the exchange is provided.)

Copies of e-mail correspondence will also be accepted.

If reply correspondence is addressed to multiple recipients, only one member will be presented with the patch and/or rocker.  Please indicate which ABATE member will receive the patch and/or rocker.

In the absence of response from the legislator, a member may submit a copy of the initial correspondence, indicating the communication used (postal service, e-mail, etc.), the date the contact was initiated and the number of attempts made.  

Requests should be sent to Frank Ernst, 840 Cree Drive, Chanhassen, MN 55317; [email protected]; 952/933-9416.  

Eligible first time participants will receive the Write to Ride patch and a corresponding year rocker.  ABATE members will be awarded a rocker for each subsequent year of participation.  Patches and rockers will be awarded only to members providing reasonable proof, each calendar year, of communication with a legislator.

Cut and paste the following link to determine your Minnesota legislators:

Cut and past the following link to determine your United States Representatives and Senators:








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